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Russmedia Equity Partners

We empower sustainable businesses.

We are an investor in and operator of online marketplaces, aggregators and SaaS solutions.

We look back at over 20 years of experience in successfully investing in and operating digital companies. We currently run a profitable portfolio of 38 digital platform businesses across 9 countries in Europe with more than 200m in asset management.

We are seeking long-term partnerships with management teams in order to empower sustainable businesses.

We focus on strategic acquisitions and support entrepreneurs throughout the lifecycle of their business.


Network of autonomous entrepreneurs

Our business model

We invest our own money and we do it for the long run.

Our structure and our terms are pretty straight forward and we feel it’s a win-win for both parties. We do not interfere with the existing culture or decision-making processes.

We believe that the leadership that managed to create a profitable business should stay on board to continue the growth path, so we only come in to support if desired.

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assets under management

Our Investments

Our Entrepreneurs, Partners and Experts

The Russmedia Equity Partners network consists of driven entrepreneurs, leaders and experts from different educational and professional backgrounds who embrace ever faster technological change as a huge opportunity.

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