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25 Februar 2021

Acquire your competitors to accelerate growth

Russmedia Equity Partners (RMEP) invites you to join the webinar on how you can consolidate your market share with M&A activities. The online event that takes place on zoom on March 25th at 4 PM Central European Time is dedicated to all tech companies that are interested in learning the ins and outs of buying a competitor in the online marketplaces and SaaS industry.


This event already took place, but please check out the recording of this session:

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Who are the speakers?


Nicola Szekely RMEP’s managing partner, has deep expertise in marketplaces, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer businesses and multi-channel retail. Nicola has been lead negotiator in many transactions, oversaw the deal process and he can easily identify what are the key points that can facilitate growth in a tech company. 


Luka Dremelj CEO of Erento and Campanda , has successfully closed bolt-on acquisitions and has managed to streamline processes and merge operations of the acquired companies into one well-functioning team that generates profit year over year. In May 2020, erento acquired, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for motorhome bookings. After the successful acquisition of the all-in-one rental software Rentsoft, this is the second successful acquisition of the team led by Luka Dremelj within two years.

What is the agenda?

  • Introduction of the speakers
  • Presentation by Luka and Nicola
    • Identifying the companies that are best suited for being acquired
    • Engaging with the competitors you want to buy
    • Conducting a successful negotiation & closing the deal
    • Successful onboarding of a new company
    • Building a common company culture 
    • Best practices for employee integration
    • Merging tech operations
    • Avoiding „sleeping surprises“
    • Q&A


Who should attend? 


  • Entrepreneurs of bootstrapped companies You have spent the last years building a profitable business, with your own money, sweat and patience. Now, you are looking for a partner to internationalize, accelerate growth or are simply thinking about selling some of your shares but continue to lead the business into the next phase of growth.
  • Companies switching from unsustainable growth to profitability You have built a great business with considerable revenues and you are even close to profitability already. Your VC investors are at the end of their holding period and need to exit. You want to stay on board to turn the company into a profitable, cash flow yielding business.
  • Your early investors or co-founders want to exit Your business angels or co-founders want to exit and you want to bring in a new entrepreneurial investor to take your business to the next level.

Talk and examples are mainly focused on online marketplaces, aggregators and SaaS solutions, but everyone is welcome to join.



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