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02 April 2021

Brutkasten acquires Venture Capital magazine from GoingPublic Media in Germany

Our portfolio company Brutkasten Media GmbH ( ) continues its expansion in Germany with the acquisition of the leading PE / VC media platform VentureCapital magazine ( ).

Founded in 2000, VentureCapital magazines has established itself as leading medium for the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry connecting investors and entrepreneurs through its print magazines, regular events, its online products and its weekly newsletter.

After the successful takeover of StartingUp and Grü as well as strong organic growth in the past year, the acquisition of the profitable VentureCapital magazine was a logical next step in Brutkasten’s journey to becoming the leading ecosystem player in Germany and Austria. 

The VentureCapital magazine will continue to serve its clients and readers unchanged and the existing team will stay on board. However, it’s followers can expect to benefit from Brutkasten’s expanded multimedia offering. 

For us, VentureCapital is the perfect thematic addition to our media portfolio and the whole team is looking forward to working together with the existing VentureCapital magazine team to further its success

Dejan Jovicevic, Brutkasten founder & CEO

“After StartingUP/Gründerberater and Startablish, VentureCapital magazine is the third bolt-on acquisition we could support Brutkasten from sourcing to post-merger integration”, explains Chris Wittlinger, Principal at Russmedia Consulting.

“Brutkasten is the perfect example for a highly synergetic acquisition strategy, where smaller profitable acquisitions can be levered to achieve market leadership in an attractive niche.” conclude Chris.


About Brutkasten

Brutkasten was the first medium focused on startups and innovation in Austria. Today Brutkasten is a digital platform serving the innovation and startup ecosystems in Germany and Austria.

Russmedia Equity Partners (RMEP) is a  significant minority shareholder in Brutkasten Media GmbH and is actively investing into profitable niche marketplaces and SaaS solutions across Europe. 

Russmedia Equity Partners offers constant support to their portfolio companies by facilitating and consulting in M&A activities, you can find out more about the investment approach here .

RMEP also manages the existing digital portfolio of Russmedia Group, consisting of 21 portals in seven countries. 

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