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26 Juni 2020

Tech knowledge sharing in Corona times

The IT world is moving very fast and new technologies arise and expand every day.

Although most of the technology conferences and meetups have been cancelled, postponed or moved online in the recent months, Russmedia Equity Partners is trying to provide all the portfolio companies with proper tools and know-how to keep the pace and expand.

With this in mind, we have organized technology sharing sessions, so engineers in our companies could join them online and improve their skills learning the best solutions from the market.

We have decided to go with two really important topics, very crucial for running an online business nowadays:

  • metrics and alerting based on Prometheus, Grafana and Alert Manager
  • advanced usage of Elasticsearch and visualization of the data with Kibana

Metrics and alerting based on Prometheus, Grafana and Alert Manager

Prometheus ( is one of the most popular time-series databases, and it becomes the core of many infrastructures collecting system and business metrics. Being even part of Istio service mesh, with a very advanced query language, it is a perfect match for all companies where the metrics matter.
But how to do proper alerting for system and business metrics?

Russmedia Equity Partners prepared a session, how to combine it with Grafana and Alert Manager ( to ensure that every unexpected system behaviour or deviation in business metrics are properly alerted and the team can react even before the clients can spot it.

If you are interested in this topic, please follow the as we are going to post more information about this topic soon.

Advanced usage of Elasticsearch and visualization of the data with Kibana

The search engine is nowadays the core of many websites, as only well designed and optimized search can provide the best user experience. How to use Elasticsearch ( properly? What are the most optimized geolocation searches? How to use synonyms and other advanced features of the search engines? We have answered most of these questions during the demo sessions, also providing Github repository ( with case by case examples.

If you are interested in search engines and how to use them properly, more to come on

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