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29 September 2019

Our Values

The Russmedia Equity Partners values are our DNA.
They act as the guiding principles for how we approach business, investing and running companies.


Where there is disruption in technology, we find opportunities. We are committed to learning from customer feedback, current market knowledge or competitor activity, and staying open to new methods, approaches or tools. We execute this through a range of activities, from regular exchange with customers to attending industry conferences as speakers and active participants.


We believe in speed and effectiveness as key tactics for getting ahead. The “give and take” philosophy in our network quickly helps our companies to be the best in their niche. Regular meetups, access to practical tools and knowledge exchange between leaders of our portfolio companies all help our entrepreneurs to reach their goals faster than their competitors.


When we invest, we do so holistically – financially, with our expertise and our network.  
We encourage the leaders in our portfolio companies to acquire a significant stake in the businesses they run.
By sharing entrepreneurial risk in this way, solid foundations for a confident, productive and two-way relationships are established.


Our straightforward approach to solving problems helps our companies to build pragmatic, longstanding solutions.
Avoiding cumbersome hierarchies, we operate as small and agile business units.
Staying lean allows us to generate superior returns and be flexible enough to integrate contemporary developments, whilst employing the proven practical solutions we have built our success on.
Always eager to gain a fresh perspective, we keenly observe and draw inspiration from the best players globally and proudly replicate their tried-and-tested models for success.


We are in it for the long run. As an established family business, Russmedia understands the importance of sustainability. We take an all-in approach but we don’t bet on overnight successes. Instead, we patiently work hard towards turning our companies into sustainable champions over time.


We are proud of our self-driven and entrepreneurial company culture. We do not stand on the sidelines waiting for things to happen but instead tap into our wide-reaching network for insights into new technologies and current market trends, using this knowledge to proactively propel our entrepreneurs’ businesses forward.

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