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23 Juni 2021

One team to unite them all - the R-Team

Great teams are what every company is looking for. But how exactly can you achieve this? Especially if team members are sitting in different countries, different companies and have completely different skill sets.

Well, like in our case, probably you don’t even plan it ahead. Great people find each other and sometimes pieces just fall into the right place.

At Russmedia Equity Partners (RMEP) we look back at over 20 years of experience in successfully investing in and operating digital companies. We currently run a profitable portfolio of 21 digital platform businesses across 8 countries in Europe so you can imagine at occasions challenges might appear.

To have a more unified approach and to make sure there’s a sense of community within the portfolio companies we started organizing meetups dedicated to the professionals in our companies: CTO & Product meetups, Sales meetups and Marketing meetups.

These events helped us deliver great value faster and the knowledge exchange events helped us build and foster an open tech & product community. 

Of course we needed a core team that would make these meetups happen, but who would also make sure there is cohesion within the portfolio teams throughout the year, not only in our occasional meetups.

Daniel Zutavern is managing director of Quoka and is managing the R-TEAM. He joined Russmedia in 2014 and he works in two roles: at Quoka as a managing Director since 2016, but also runs the R-Team being responsible for facilitating knowledge with sharing sessions and CTO & Product Meetups.


Eryk Zalejski is a DevOps consultant for Russmedia Consulting and Filip Haftek  who is also a DevOps consultant for the Russmedia group companies, helps them make the right choices in technology stack, system architecture and innovations.


For a few years now Daniel, Filip and Eryk are the R-team, as the group knows them, and not only they are responsible for the CTO and Product meetups. But they also offer support to our portfolio companies with a variety of projects.

R-team Tooling Support – Share Real Developments Between Members Of The Group

With their combined experience R-team members offer support to our portfolio companies with a variety of solutions:

  • Cloud setup
  • Kubernetes platform setup and upgrades (GKE, EKS, others)
  • Relational and NoSQL databases (cloud and on-premise)
  • CI/CD solutions with automated pipelines (based on Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Bitbucket Pipelines, custom)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
  • SSL and security setup
  • NFS cloud solutions (GlusterFS)
  • search engines setup and optimization (Elasticsearch, Solr)
  • serverless technologies (AWS Lambda, Google Functions, Kubeless)
  • Microservice sharing


In the past year, the R-team supported onboarding new team members and portfolio companies like Campanda and Bergfex.

Designing And Enhancing Solutions 

Making best of what you already have is also a task where the R-team is ready to help:

  • infrastructure as a service components for clouds
  • architecture design and review
  • microservices design and review
  • new technologies research and workshops (ML as a service, blockchain, PWA etc.)
  • dockerizing applications
  • performance audits and optimizations


Last but not least, one of the greatest benefits of being part of the #russmedianetwork is getting access to shared tools and better pricing and discounts for more complex solutions.


Why do we need the R-team?

After a few years of experience we can truly say that it is a good idea to have a cross specialities team, external to your company, but directly connected to it, that can help you find solutions where you can no longer find them and also function as an element of cohesion between the portfolio companies.

Curious to find out more?

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