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21 April 2022

How to disrupt an industry with new models and technology that nobody has - podcast with Reinier Huisman

CEO & Founder . Reinier Huisman is a disruptive tech enthusiast & experienced (+15 yrs) strategy consultant and entrepreneur. In-depth marketplaces experience (ex-eBay corpdev). Reinier Huisman studied Econometrics and Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam.


Reinier Huisman said: “Strategy is making choices today which will significantly impact the company’s future performance. No entrepreneur or investor wants to make blind sighted choices and this is exactly why strategic analysis of market trends, customer behavior and the competitive landscape is so incredibly valuable. What motivates me is a client who is impressed that our work would yield so many actionable and quantifiable insights about the future, and is subsequently able to make judgment calls on acquisition and investments with higher comfort”. 


Reinier’s experience is characterized by the quantitative approach to strategic advice and the consistent quality with reliable findings.

Listen to this podcast episode and find out more about Reiner’s experience and advice for tech entrepreneurs.

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